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50 Lions – Where Life Expires 12″ Pre Order

Carpathian/Shipwreck A.D. Split 7″ Pre Order

The Carrier – No Love Can Save Me 7″


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A Death In The Family Tshirt L

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Have been so busy lately have hardly had the time to sit and think . . . all my life seems to consist of atm is wake up, gym, UNI, work, go to bed, wake up, do the whole process again.

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Anchors Tshirt

times . . .

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. . . is it weird that the one thing I like so much i want to leave . . .

its about that time again . .

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I played my first show here with my old band Resilient, and am about to play there again next thurs with out partners in crime Ride the Tiger, it will be good to be back up that neck of the woods . . . i think?? Brings back memories.

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Made a little visit to a no longer running Distro in Hobart on the weekend, and managed to pick up these little jems as a result.

The Scandal – Never Hold to Shore CD, The Scandal / Stand Defiant Split EP CD, Away from Now – Blackout CD